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Message From: Shirley Jordan July 18, 2014
I adopted the most loving and beautiful Basset on October 5, 2007. We loved him for 7 years. Cancer took him from us on April 9, 2014. The grief has been overwhelming. I miss him so much. He made me smile every time I looked at him. Nobody could resist that face. It will take a very long time to accept this I am sure.

Message From: Curt & Leann Sowell October 9, 2013
We are looking forward to this years Basset Shuffle!! This year we will be bringing our two wonderful Bassets Benny and Miss Sophie. Miss Sophie is our cherished sweet girl we adopted through the NTBHR over a year ago. She is a wonderful furbaby. Can't wait to see the other Bassets attending this years s Shuffle!

Message From: Tracy March 7, 2013
Our sweetie Liberty (aka Happy) is such a joy! We adopted her last year near Christmas, and have had the best of times since! Thank you for all your hard work in matching families with their furever friends! ARHOOOO!!

Message From: Leann Sowell October 25, 2012
We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the beautiful efforts of the North Texas Basset Hound Rescue as well as other local Animal Rescue and Support organizations. The best thing we ever did was open our hearts and homes to the needs of animals. We have 2 beautiful Bassets: One we are proud to add is a NTBHR Basset... God BLESS all you do!

Message From: Kelly November 24, 2011
If I had a backyard My basset, Jackson, would love a sibling. Are there any other events schedule besides adoption events at local Petsmarts? I would love to take Jackson to a doggy day at the park to meet other bassets.

Message From: Cheryl Ghabayen August 17, 2011
Friday August 12,2011, Fred lll Ghabayen left to the rainbow bridge. I adopted Fred lll from N.Tx basset rescue back in 2001. He had prostrate cancer and even tho he was in pain, worked hard everyday to give me lots of wet doggie kisses and LOVE! He was and is my best friend and we never missed a shuffle. He was proud and dignified up to the end and we will miss him so much!!

Message From: KRISTI August 17, 2011

Message From: Sheila Hull June 19, 2011
I recently lost my bassett hound of 5 years. We let her out one evening to go to potty and a coyote got her we live out in the country in the central part of oklahoma. Would love to have another one do you know of a basset hound rescue here in oklahoma.

Message From: Naomi Harman June 10, 2011
Hi NTBHR!!!! The Harman family just wants to let you know that Lilly (adopted May 19, 2011) is doing GREAT!!! We just adore her!!! She has adjusted well to our home, especially as there is never a shortage of someone to rub her ears or belly. The neighbors all love her as well. She sleeps next to her new mommy on her pillow by the bed and makes "rounds" about 2 each morning to check on the kids. She is just so sweet and is starting to realize that we are her forever family; no more changes for Lilly!!!

Message From: http://grig085.ya.ru May 24, 2011
It's nice to see a site like this.

Message From: Marista McWhorter February 9, 2011
My family and I are looking for the perfect pooch, and I believe that a basset hound would fit just right into our lives. I have even picked one off this site, Hank. As soon as I saw his sweet face I knew I wanted him. So now we are waiting to hear if we can work something out soon! I love this group and look forward to working with yall to get my pup.

Message From: Chuck November 22, 2010
We adopted Betsy Ross and absolutely love her! At first she was a little protective aggresive. I attribute this to just not being certain where she was going to live. Now that she know we are her Furever people she gets along with our other basset just fine. She had turned into my sweet little girl! She is a happy basset and we love her!

Message From: Brett October 27, 2010
Hi, my name is brett and 11 years ago, I came into your place with my family and adopted Gus. I just want to say thank you for having him there.

Message From: Samantha June 18, 2010
I frequently surf your website, dreaming of the day I'll have a proper backyard and can foster or rescue some of your sweethearts that love to run freely in a yard. I just lost my Basset/ Beagle mix on 06/16/10, and it feels so weird living here without him. He had cancer and could just barely stand, but he still thought he was Hugh Hefner and Steve McQueen all rolled into one. I wonder how long it'll take me to remember not to check behind my computer chair or shut the bathroom door all the way when I have no company to distract him? My husband let me rescue him from the pound as an early Christmas present the year we got married, and we found out later that we got him the day before his final day at the pound (and that y'all had apparently planned to pick him up the next morning. :) ) Fortunately we've got another sweet pooch named Ruthie, so my baby boy isn't completely bewildered. He just keeps looking hopefully for the sweet dog that he'd crawl up to and go to sleep near whenever he got a chance. I firmly believe animals go to Heaven, and I can picture him up there chasing squirrels and wondering in some small corner of his mind why we're so sad down here when he's having such fun up there. I look forward to seeing him when my time comes, and bet he's already gotten at least one good head scratch from each and every one of my grandparents. In the meantime, we really miss him.

Message From: Kaye Toellner-Martin February 18, 2010
Yesterday a precious Basset went to Rainbow Bridge: "Rosie" Mae O'Dogalld - born May 14, 1996 - died February 17, 2010. Rosie attended many Shuffles, and was once the Bassett in the pink wagon with the pink tiara and feather boa at the Shuffle. There use to be pictures of her at that year's shuffle on this site. Her spirit showed through until the last minute. She could no longer see or hear, but would still wag that tail and bark her "happy bark". It got where she could no longer walk a few days ago, but of course she tried. So we took her for an ice cream (she was allowed chocolate on top this time) on the way to the vets office. She went to sleep peacefully on her person's lap. She will be greatly missed.

Message From: mary spinner September 29, 2009
i foster abbay moon on facebook. love her new pictures. are you sure that someone from michigan can not adopt one of your basset hound? my husband and i removed a basset hound from an abuse home in muskegon, mi 5 years ago. she was down to 8 lbs and that was bad. with all our love and care she started to shine and look great. when my husband passed away in jan. 2007 she attached herself to me. but my ex-boyfriend and his ex-wife refused to let me have her back when i went to pick her up after leaving his house this past march. i miss my rosie so bad. i hope someday to have another basset hound. love those sad eyes, but they are so full of love.

Message From: Caroline September 25, 2008
I have a basset that I adopted from a family moving to Europe in Canada. They were so sad to give up their puppy. Otis was only about 4 months old when i got him. It makes me so happy to find people like you who run programs like this one. Basset Hounds make wonderful pets. Mine follows me around my house from room to room. Keep up the wonderful work. Good luck to all of you with the sweet dogs that you have with you right now. You are a special group of people with very warm hearts. I only wish the world knew that this particular breed of dog is exactly that... warm, giving, and so affectionate at times it's stunning.

Message From: Jessica July 1, 2008
We are moving into the Wichita Falls area, and are looking forward to adopting a Basset. I know this is not so close to the DFW area, but we saw your site and fell in love! My husband and I have a young Autistic son, who loves doggies, and we believe an older bassett would be a perfect buddy. We are probably going to be moving into an apartment first, so we will contact you all on if adoption is possible while living in apartments. Can't wait to meet our 'hopefully' future hush puppy!

Message From: Connie September 28, 2007
We rescued FARFUL the Bassett Hound from Arlington Humane Society, June 2005, as a rescue, Country Acres Kennels. He is a very active and gentile fella. We are considering a companion for him, but do not know if he will allow another dog in "HIS" house. We had Wired Haired Fox Terrorist for many years, and were quite supprised at the domain building and high activity level of the boy. Thanks for listing.

Message From: Kai April 10, 2007
Here is something I wrote for my old Basset. Thought I would share it. My Dog In Heaven For Maggie 09/05/91 - 06/23/02 Animals can't get in Heaven I've heard some people say I'm going to tell you I don't think it's that way. Our good dog left us A short time ago She's waiting on us in Heaven As we continue life below. It's really not so sad She's been given all she enjoys All her favorite things in life Including those doggie toys. She has a big tall chair So she can sit way up high It even has a nice soft pillow And she sleeps below a clear blue sky. She has lots of kitties To remind her of home So when she needs a playmate She doesn't have far to roam. Her days are filled with playing With dogs and cats and such So her time without us Doesn't seem so much. But when we go to bed That's when I miss her most She used to lay beside me And some nights I feel her close. One day we'll all be together This may take some time But I can not wait to hold her And read to her this rhyme.

Message From: alice (flash gordon) September 19, 2005
flash had a blast at basset shuffle

Message From: (Private) September 17, 2005
We attended the event today at the park and it was such a wonderful thing to see. All the basset hounds everywhere were just too adorable for words!!! Thank you for what you are doing for Basset Hounds all over DFW!!!! You are awesome! Can't wait until next year!

Message From: The Hills and Orville August 22, 2005
ORVILLE is very happy in his new home. He is such a sweet, good basset hound. We are so blessed to have him. Orville is looking forward to attending the Basset Hound Shuffle and seeing all his friends again!

Message From: The Vances and Parker August 16, 2005
We love the new website and are anxious to attend our very first shuffle with our very first basset....PARKER, who by the way is very happy with us in his new home!

Message From: Doozee & Mittie August 13, 2005
I love the new website!!! It is soooooo attractive and easy to surf!! I'm sad that Doozee's "success story" picture is gone....will it ever come back or may I submit another to attach to narrative?