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NTBHR Owner Surrender Policy rev. 07-2013

In accordance with our Intake Policies, our first obligation is to the bassets in the shelters whose time is up.  Second priority are strays, particularly from rural areas where they are at risk of being injured.   Third  priority would be Owner Surrenders, once all of the other basic criteria has been met..

It is our goal to try to help an owner overcome whatever problems they might be having with their dog, in order to keep the dog in the home.  Resources are readily available on our website to assist dog owners in keeping their dog.  These dogs are not at risk, they are simply unwanted. 

Therefore, we would prefer to not fill our few foster homes with owner surrenders, except in cases of severe duress. (i.e., death, hospitalization, abandonment, etc.)

Prerequisites for Accepting Owner Surrender into our Adoption Program:

• Surrendered dog must be a pure breed basset hound, not mixes
• There must be a foster home available
• The foster home must be appropriate for the dog in need.
• There must be no adoptable bassets available for rescue in the shelters.
• There must be no adoptable *stray* bassets available for rescue.
• The OS Basset must be adoptable, i.e. of an adoptable age, health, and temperament.
• The OS Basset must be spayed/neutered, UTD on shots and heartworm negative, with verification from current vet records. (at owners expense)
• The owner must pay a $50.00 Owner Surrender fee.