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 Annual Basset Hound Shuffle and Games!

October 2020

Watch for Details!

More About the Event and History

In 1998, NTBHR began the Basset Hound Shuffle as a major fundraiser to cover the medical costs of the Basset Hounds taken into our care.  It started with bassets joining the fall festival parade through the streets of Trophy Club, each participating Basset Hound was to fill out a pledge sheet seeking sponsors for their basset hound to walk in the one mile parade.  Quite an accomplishment for a basset hound!  It was a huge success!  Hundreds of Basset Hounds showed up, there was a "pooped pup pick-up truck" to help the seniors make it through, and the local Boy Scouts served as "poop patrol".  However, the City of Trophy Club did not like that the basset hounds were so popular that they distracted from the featured parade participants.

In 1998, NTBHR asked to participate in the Roanoke Western Days Parade and celebration.  This time, we had a food truck, and served lunch at the park after the parade.  Again, hundreds of basset hounds and their owners descended upon the streets of Roanoke, and once again, the city organizers did not like the fact that the Basset Hounds detracted from their theme.  

After a great deal of searching, we finally found a city park that would allow hundreds of Basset Hounds to come to a park for a fundraising event.  From 1999 to 2015, we held our Shuffle at Chisholm Park in Hurst, and added games, contests, raffle, along with the lunch.  From then on, it was called the Basset Hound Shuffle and Games.

The Basset Hound Shuffle and Games is still a fundraiser for our hounds, so we ask that each participant make a registration donation of at least $25/ for one basset hound, or $35 for two or more to attend the Shuffle and Games. Additional donations are accepted during registration or during the event. 

This is the largest Basset Hound attended fundraising event of the year!  Our foster dogs are there for belly rubs and adoption, we love seeing 200 basset hounds in one place!  It is the most fun all year!