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About Bassets


Basset hounds are sweet, silly, affectionate dogs. They are usually good with kids and for the most part get along with almost anyone. Bassets also enjoy the company of other dogs as well as cats. Bassets love to be with their people and often will follow them around the house.

Even though the basset hound has a mind of its own, it is still obedient - when it chooses to be.

Bassets also need plenty of exercise. Young Bassets under the age of 3 are not "couch potatoes" but are very lively. They need consistent and patient training.

If anyone in the family is allergic to dogs, a basset will activate that allergy. Bassets shed all year round. Some bassets drool and most have a habit of getting their ears wet when they are shaking their heads.

Basset hounds are hunters by nature. Because of their good sense of smell, they track scents very well. Because of this trait, a basset cannot be trained to stay on your property and needs to be confined to a fenced area or be on a leash at all times to keep him or her safe.

The male basset hound at maturity usually weighs between 55 and 75 pounds. They are a big dog on short legs. The female is usually about 10 pounds lighter. Bassets are not lap dogs, even though they may think so.



For more detailed information about the Basset Hound, or if you own a basset and would like more information, please visit the BASSET HOUND UNIVERSITY, a new website from the Basset Hound Club of America.

Before making the decision to adopt a basset hound, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If you have been accustom to dogs with high energy levels, will you be happy with the less energetic, even temperament of the basset hound?
  2. Bassets do not make good jogging companions, and are not the best dog with which to have a game of catch. Will a Basset fit your lifestyle expectations?
  3. Because of their long ears, low-slung structure and hefty size, bassets have special needs including needing their ears cleaned every week. Will you enjoy meeting these needs?
  4. Because they posses a hunting instinct, bassets tend to roam and must be kept in a secure, fenced area. Are you able to provide this type of environment for your basset?
  5. A single basset may not do well when left alone for long periods. Will you have the time to give your basset a great deal of attention and affection?
  6. The friendly, easy-going personality of the basset makes him a poor guard dog. Is this acceptable to you?




Please read the following article regarding the current estimated expenses of dog



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