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North Texas Basset Hound Rescue, Inc. 







On July 7th, 2009, the Humane Society of North Texas seized nearly 500 sick, injured, neglected and malnourished dogs from the Heddins Maggic Pets Ranch in Montague County, Texas.


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This was the largest "Puppy Mill" bust in Texas history.  There were over 25 breeds of dogs involved, some of them were basset hounds.  One was Walter, pictured above.

North Texas Basset Hound Rescue provided volunteers to assist the United Animal Nations-EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service) in caring for the animals while the dogs were in a warehouse in Fort Worth.  For 10 days while in the temporary custody of the Humane Society of North Texas, NTBHR volunteers assisted with cleaning crates, walking dogs, and feeding the dogs.  It took about 40-50 volunteers every day to clean the crates and feed the dogs.  Some of the dogs were in such bad shape that they would not come out of their crates.  Some couldn't walk, some had broken bones, many had chunks missing from their ears, others had mange and other skin conditions, all had intestinal parasites, fleas and severe periodontal disease.  NTBHR was able to rescue 15 of the 18 extremely malnourished, neglected, sick, injured basset hounds that were among the nearly 500 dogs seized from the Heddins Ranch.  The other three basset hounds were adopted out to private adopters by HSNT.


This page is dedicated to those 15 basset hounds who now have been given a Second Chance, and an opportunity to live a healthy life outside of a crate.




One of the lucky basset hounds is "Walter Kronkite" pictured above and to the right.  He is the "Official Spokes-Hound" for all of the Basset Hounds that were apprehended.  At merely 20 pounds of skin and bones, Walter is a classic example of the condition of the animals found at the Heddins Puppy Mill.  

His foster, Stacy, describes his first experiences living in a home, outside of the crate where he has spent the first 7-8 years of his life.  "I've been taking pictures of Walter experiencing things for the first time.  Let me tell ya though, this poor old man is scared of everything!  We are being patient and letting him do his own thing with the exception of staying outside. I have to put a leash on him to get him to walk inside.  He's scared of the tv, doors opening, rumbling of bags........everything!  We have to watch him very close when he is outside because he is a digger.  He likes to get to the furtherest point in the yard and hide in the bushes. "

With half of one ear missing, a stage 4 heart murmor, poor skin and coat conditions, and abcessed teeth, and a distended penis, Walter is one very sad hound.  




This pretty little basset hound was thin as a rail, and afraid to come out of her crate. 

Once in her loving foster home, she has now been named Princess Megan and will be called Megan. Kim, her foster mom says, "She has had her first bath EVER and dinner #1.  She was terrified of the water in the tub and is soooo skinny when wet.  She is currently sleeping in the kennel but she will have a snack and a walk before bedtime.   I briefly introduced her to the resident {basset hounds} but am keeping them apart until we are sure that she doesn't have anything too yucky.    I think she has had very limited human contact.  She stayed outside alone while we ate dinner and  when I went back outside she was scared of me.  She is trusting and warms back up slowly."  Along with various types of worms, and severe periodontal disease, Princess Megan was extremely malnourished, and she tested positive for heartworms.  Medical needs for Megan involve extensive dental work, spay, and then the expensive and painful heartworm treatment. 










Poor Polly Anna!  As she sat in her crate along the back wall of the warehouse waiting for the courts to decide if HSNT would be granted custody of the nearly 500 dogs that were seized from the Heddins puppy mill, you had to just wonder how on earth a human being could allow an animal to ever get in this condition.  Polly Anna's fur was half gone, pulled out from all the itching she did from the hideous flea infestation that she suffered.  This poor dog had contracted just about every type of worm that can get into a canine's body.  She was so skinny, that we weren't even sure that she was a basset hound.  Found on the back of the Heddins property "living" in a crate, with weeds stacked up as high as the crate, Polly Anna certainly must have never known the touch of a kind human.  Terrified of the world around her, afraid to come out of the crate, Polly Anna managed to wag her broken tail fervently at the hope of getting some food and attention.  Sheri, her foster says, "Once her fur grows back in, she may not be the blue color we thought she was.......She's a real sweetie!"

Polly Anna is being treated for skin rashes, will need to be spayed, and fed a high quality dog food to help heal her skin conditions and improve her coat.  Her tail was broken and left to heal on its own, it circles around her hind end in a loop.




Fortunately for Zippy, he was still young enough to produce puppies, so he was not as neglected as many of the other dogs at the Heddins Puppy Mill.  Zippy is probably about 3-4 years old, was flea infested, had only a few varieties of intestinal parasites, but has severe periodontal disease.  He will require some dental extractions. 

Having never lived outside of his crate, he is now learning about life with humans, other dogs, and back yards, food, treats, and belly rubs.  His foster mom says he is doing quite well in his new environment, and once he gets over his fear of everything that moves, he will make a wonderful pet.




This sweet little tri-colored basset female is about 5 years old, was probably still making puppies for the Heddins Ranch when the Humane Society of North Texas went in with their warrants.  It looks like she has had numerous litters, she's going to need a 'tummy tuck" when she has her spay. 

Unfortunately Lucy Jane has suffered a great deal from living in the confinement of her little crate.  When we took her to our vet for her first visit, there was a lump under her eye.  The next day it ruptured, and upon further examination, it was determined to be an abcessed upper tooth, which ruptured into her eye.  Her teeth were the worst of all of the bassets we rescued, and she will no doubt lose a significant number of them.  Again, shy and afraid of most everything, Lucy Jane is eager to please and will soon learn all the joys of a loving family and home.







Shelby Ann is a red and white female basset, about 3 years old, who has never had the opportunity to live in a home, or with a family, or even taken for a walk, or a romp in the park.  The only life she has known is living in a small crate, and birthing puppies.  Like all of the bassets that we rescued from this puppy mill seizure, Shelby Ann also has severe periodontal disease.  Naturally, because of the fleas, Shelby, like all the others had numerous intestinal parasites. 

Read what her foster has to say:  "Shelby is very sweet and gentle. She is not very trusting and approaches both the house and us with caution. If we sit on the floor she may come near to get a puppy cookie. She does like to be petted but again is fearful and it takes a lot of patience. We think with time she will do much better as after petting her she will follow you until something scares her. She is pretty much scared of the house and much prefers to be outside and can be found hiding in the bushes.  Although she has tried counter surfing!!  She loves our two and will play with them. Shelby is definitely a follower...she follows Ella (one of mine) around. We are confident with a lot of TLC she will do well.






Brownie is a petite little red and white basset hound that was used as breeding stock for "mini-bassets".  Even though she was full of intestinal parasites, fleas, and skin irritations, she is was one of the 'healthier' bassets in the group.  Here's what her foster mom has to say about her, "She is a very sweet, gentle girl who is afraid of her shadow. She is getting braver and braver every day. At first,she was afraid to walk though any doorways and had to be carried across. Already after only 4 days she is walking gingerly through doorways completely on her own!  She afraid of ceiling fans, loud noises or any fast movements.  She is also afraid, but at the same time fascinated, by the TV.  She stares at it as if she's watching."

"Brownie is a very gentle, polite dog who won't do anything without being asked.  I have a feeling that will change to typical basset behavior in just a short time!  At this point, she will not take a treat from my hand - she will only eat it if it's set down.  She gets along well with my 2 dogs and likes to follow the cat through the house, but doesn't bother the cat.  I can see that Brownie REALLY WANTS to be outgoing and part of the action but is just not sure how to."





Abbay had recently had a litter of puppies, but still was not accustomed to being with people or other dogs.  She also has a chunk out of her left ear, was infected by parasites, both internal and external.  She's a cute little red and white basset with black mascara!  She is adapting very well in her foster home, learning the doggy door, and enjoying life with human contact, a place to play and life outside of a crate! 






Did you ever see such a corny dog as this little guy?  At about 25 pounds, he's so corny, he's adorable!  This little guy is estimated to be 18 months -2 years of age.  Yes, he is lemon and white very very skinny, with one blue eye, one brown eye, and a lacey ear.  Those legs are pretty crooked in front, and like the other dogs, this little sweetie was full of intestinal parasites.  He's pretty lucky, though, because he's still pretty young, and therefore isn't as shocked at life outside the crate as the older ones.  He is eager to be with people, and while in captivity, pawed at the crate to get out. His foster mom named him Corny Dog because he's just so darn cute!





Isabella is probably a littermate of Corny Dog, but a slightly darker version of lemon and white.  She didn't get the distinctive blu eye, but got all the cuteness that her brother has.  At age 18 months to 2 years, she was perky and friendly, though malnourished, full of intesinal parasites and fleas.  Now that she has been treated for those ailments, she will be ready for a loving home where she will not be forced to live her life in a crate having litter after litter of puppies.  Like Corny dog, she is still young enough that her life hasn't been severly damaged from abuse and neglect.  She's craving attention, and young enough to learn how to be a great member of a family.





Rockin Roxy is about 18 months to 2  years of age, was afraid of everything around her, and like all the others, she was full of internal and external parasites, mange, and has severe periodontal disease.  She is a beautiful dog, and weighs about 35 pounds, much smaller than the average basset.  She is a beautiful girl, who likes to follow you everywhere, and is learning what life is like without a crate.  She will make a wonderful pet once she is healed from the physical ailments and learns to trust.



All of the dogs that were seized by the Humane Society of North Texas had health issures, were afraid, some didn't know how to walk outside their crate, many were depressed, sick, and malnourished.  All had severe dental problems, and most will lose many of their teeth. 

Because NTBHR did not have enough foster homes to place all of the needy hounds, Arizona Basset Rescue stepped in and helped us with 3 that we did not have room for, and 2 very sad senior bassets are headed to Daphneyland in California, where they will be medically treated, fostered in a home, and adopted out. 

NTBHR is grateful to the other Basset Rescues who have helped to rescue and transport these poor needy hounds into a new life and new homes where they can be a family pet and never be neglected again. 




Zena is a pretty tri-color, petite and sweet.  She has had numerous litters of puppies, again with severe periodontal disease that will be requiring surgery.  She hasn't known much of life outside of a crate, but will be finding a forever home in Arizona






  Patty is a middle aged white basset hound with blue eyes.  Because of her unique coloring and blue eyes, she was probably the mother of Corny Dog and Isabella.  She was infected wtih numerous parasites, and had severe periodontal diesease.  Patty was afraid to leave her crate.  Patty is going to Arizona Basset Rescue.









Sophie is about 11-12 years old, and refuses to leave her crate, although she never messes in it.  She has periodontal disease, is covered with sarcoptic mange, and is severely depressed. 


Sophie will be going to Daphneyland in Southern California

















At about 9 years of age, Nancy's eyes express the agony of neglect that these dogs lived at the Heddins Puppy Mill.  This poor basset hound still has a spark of hope, and craves attention.  Along with numerous intestinal parasites, severe periodontal disease, and sarcoptic mange, this sweet girl also has heartworms.


Thanks to the help from the good folks at BaRNI and Daphneyland in California, she will be treated, healed, and adopted by a loving family who will certainly make up for the years of neglect.