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Read about some of our recently adopted out basset hounds who are touching the lives of their new owners! Click on the -> to see more Happy Endings


I sometimes can't believe that it's now been more than a year since I adopted my beautiful Basset we now call Slinky Sue (or just Slink for short). In that time she has became a true staple within our family. Each time members of the Burnett clan gather at my house everyone wants to know, "Where's Slinky Sue?" Then, when she comes bounding around a corner, all eyes light up with love and excitement.
You might remember that when I adopted this amazing little girl she was very shy and reserved. Well, all that has changed for the most part. She still gets startled over loud or sudden noises (e.g. a Coke can popping open) and sometimes a particular person disturbs her, but other than that she is radically different. She's outgoing in most scenarios and loves to be the center of attention—especially when she knows a pettin' or treat is to be had.
On a more personal level, she has became this man's best friend. She follows me everywhere I go, loves to stick her floppy ears into everything, and greets me with a hearty "hello" every time I come home. On excessively cold nights I let her sleep on my bed which makes her day. At this point, I can't imagine life without her.
I'm including a picture taken with my sister, nephew, mother and father last summer. It's just one of many she appears in. You should check out my Facebook page where I have a photo album dedicated to the life n' times of Slink. I have captured some great shots of this adorable girl.
I want to thank you for finding me just the right pooch for my family and I. She has truly changed our world and I think to no lesser extent, we have changed hers.
Again, thank you for changing my life by helping me find such an amazing pup.

Andy Burnett & Slinky Sue






We adopted Watson on July 9th and he has been a great addition to our family. We all absolutely love him and couldn't have adopted a better dog. Watson has his own chair in our living room where he spends his free time napping. He is very vocal when he wants attention or to go outside or for a walk. Every time he sees me getting my socks and shoes on he gets so excited because he knows it is time for his walk and he REALLY loves his walks. He tends to stay pretty close to me as I am the one who is home with him during the day and the one he is most attached to. He also lets my son and husband know that he does not like it when I leave. He will howl and pout until I get back, which made for a long weekend for them a couple of weeks ago when I went to Nebraska for a weekend. He is such a sweet boy and has definitely become of member of our family. We couldn't be happier with our newest family member. Thank you so much for matching us with the perfect addition to our family.

The Lyon Family


Fledge (formerly Fred)

Thought I would give you an update. Fledge is doing well. He has been working hard on training us. However, we have established that we are leaders of the pack. His one negative was a ferocious and insistent bark when he wanted food or a walk outside. We tried the usual stuff with little success. Bev said that maybe a newspaper. Evidently, someone in his past as a puppy must have disciplined him with a newspaper, for just picking it up along with "no barking" established new behavior.
He is mischievous and wanted to romp, but in doggie fashion with a nip. A little rough. Had been with other dogs and evidently had room to romp, chase squirrels and cats (especially cats). He gentled down, however, and now my granddaughter gives hugs that are returned without a rough doggie romp on the end. I worked out a dog biscuit on a string for a wear him out romp. When he wants a romp, he will come and growl, nip my toes, act out, and otherwise communicate. We take a walk ever day, which he announces the time for faithfully.
He still loves his bed and curls up to sleep all night. I get up early to work, and he goes back to bed. However, during the day, he wants action.
All my bassets have been special, each in his own way. Fledge is certainly special: active, fun, mischievous, but wants to please, adjusting to our schedule. Very good about taking care of business outside. Have crate trained him, and he wags his tail and goes in on his own when we must be gone a number of hours.
Have attached some photos. He enjoyed the Westminister Dog show this year.
Appreciate the work you do. Thanks for helping us find Fledge.

Don M




My sweet basset girl, adopted recently from NTBR, has moved in and taken over our house and my heart. Bonnie Belle has been given a new name. She was rechristened Magnolia Blossom as a good luck mascot for a Christian book manuscript Magnolia Monday. She answers (really) to Maggie and she has brought that good luck as the manuscript and writer (me) got good feedback and requests for chapters at the recent American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas. Maggie is now wearing a bandage on her front left leg to protect sutures after removal of cyst. She is playing poor pitiful me in true basset fashion, but is doing well. She loves the grandkids, still does not love other dogs and cats, which is fine since we don’t have any other pets, and eats like a real hungry hound. Also in typical basset fashion, she remembers her obedience training perfectly WHEN treats are involved. Otherwise, maybe, maybe not. She loves to go everywhere I go, especially in the car. Thank you, all who made this happy story possible. Dorothy Cummins, Oklahoma



Lucy had her teeth cleaned this week and she has gained 8 lbs. since I got her in July. She's such a wonderful dog. I had my annual Christmas cards printed and as you can see Lucy, Tunes and Sadey are all in it with their Jingle Bell collars on.
I can't thank you enough for bringing Lucy into my life.
Happy Thanksgiving to you,











Just wanted to let you know that sweet Buster is adjusting nicely to his new home. It feels like he's been here forever. It was only one day after his arrival that his "true" personality was revealed. He is so wonderful! He has never had an accident in the house, barks when he wants out, and loves to cuddle, go on walks, and receive belly rubs. I just adore this sweet boy and am so glad I am his mom.  Because he is very attached to me, he was showing some signs of (problematic) jealously toward Birdie. I immediately addressed that problem by making him back off when she is receiving attention from me. He is such an obedient boy that he immediately backed off the first time I tried it. Now, he mostly stays away when I am petting her, but, if he does come to me, I just wave him away and say "uh uh!!". Birdie snaps at him when he gets too "personal" with her, but, that is happening less and less. Now they walk together side-by-side as if they are best buds.
Buster is the best dog ever and I feel so grateful to NTBHR for, once again, finding the perfect match for Birdie and me.
Thanks so much for taking care of my boy before he came to his forever home.
Debbie Morse


We are so thankful for Buddy. We love him dearly just as we love Abby whom we adopted from NTBHR a little over 2 years ago. When our 15 year old Basset, Sierra, passed away, Abby was soooo lonely and depressed. But no more! She and Buddy are stuck together like velcro - they do everything together! Chase squirrels, run in and out of the dog door, beg for snacks, take naps, and go on their daily walks around the neighborhood. They bring joy to our lives every day! Thank you NTBHR for everything you do!

-Karen & Jason Steinbeck



















"Rusty was so lonely after his big sister Rita passed away but when we saw Sunny Daze on the web-site we knew we should adopt her to cheer Rusty up. Sunny has done more than that. She has brought energy and joy to the house - Rusty and Sunny get along great and we are very happy Sunny is in our lives. Thanks NTBR! Paula and Ed DeYoung"









Wilson is very happy with his new sister and forever family!











Louis is doing great and settling in nicely!
Thanks to NTBHR!
The Burchell Family















Just wanted to say how much we love Charlie! He is an amazing addition to our family and has fit right in. We are truly thankful and feel blessed that he is now a big part of our family's life. Thank you so much for choosing us to be Charlie's forever home :)

God bless you all and what you do!

Andrea, Kevin, Aden, and Elijah





Max was formerly Buster, NTBHR #1171, and is sure happy with his new family!




Cox Family







As you can see from the photos Lucy is adjusting well. She finally posed for a picture for me.  I can't thank you enough for bringing her into my life.








I just wanted to let you know that Holly is doing well in her new home!!
She has been with us just 6 weeks now and it seems like she has been a part of our family forever. She is the perfect combination of sweet, spunky and sleepy. J
Her favorite game is playing soccer in the backyard with whoever will kick the ball for her. She watches out the window as the kids leave for school and is the first one to greet my husband when he comes home from work. A guard dog she is not since she is sure everyone and everything is her friend!! Except for the bugs that have the audacity to crawl across her back patio. At those, she barks and squashes with her big paws. J
We are so glad you worked with us to find the perfect dog for our family! It was well worth the wait.
The Criswell Family


hejoe2012We adopted Joe the Basset Hound.
I was just wanting to send you a 1 year update of sorts

Overall he's doing extremely well. He now weighs about 53 lbs, up
quite a bit from when the Rescue society first picked him up. He's fit
into the family perfectly. He's great around kids, which is nice
because my wife has a very large family. He has such a sweet
personality. He very rarely ever chews anything up or has an accident
in the house. Anywhere we go with him, the pet store, the park,
anywhere, people want to come up to him and pet him, scratch his ears, etc., and Joe is more that willing to oblige them. Unusually for a
basset hound, he rarely barks or howls. In fact, we've only heard him
howl once and that was when the family was in the front yard and he
could see us through the front window. I guess he was upset that he
couldn't play. Also, he never runs off. He got out into the front yard
once after the wind knocked our front door open but he returned as
soon as I called him. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we simply
could not have asked for a better dog.

My family and I wanted to thank you for rescuing such a wonderful dog.
We are so glad that you do what you do!

Glenn, Victoria, Isaiah and Joe





Wanted to give a Happy ending story on Hamilton (aka Ranger)!

Ranger immediately fit into our home and our active lifestyle! Being an active Basset he gets along perfectly with our rescued Catahoula mix Harley. They love going on walks around our neighborhood and car rides to visit our family. After an active day of play they sun bathe and relax in the warmest part of our backyard. He is a fast learner and already knows to sit, drop it, and go to bed and even knows the front room is off limits :D Ranger is the biggest sweetie and loves to snuggle up to Harley and us.

He is the perfect fit in our household, thank you so much NTBHA for letting Ranger find us and for giving a sweet basset hound a loving home

Johnny & Jessica



Scooter has arrived and conquered! He plays with his new sister, ZOE, a golden retriever. Zoe is accustomed to 'going low' in play scuffles, but this proves difficult with Scooter. Scooter has displaced the cat and insists on sleeping on the bed with us, the cat has relocated to our daughter's bed and neither seem to mind. Scooter is a beggar/thief! Food is the name of the game and the nose knows! Tail high and happy Scooter investigates his large yard and contently naps on the sofa. Scooter does have a problem with his size, which he is not aware of, and will happily climb up on your chest to give kisses. We love the kisses, but we are working on better manners.

All is well and we are looking forward to the Shuffle in September. Scooter has claimed our hearts as well as our furniture. He sings so pretty!

Thanks so much Basset Hound Rescue of North Texas for bring Scooter to his furever home!

Walt A. Cleveland


 20100801-bax-he1  20100801-bax-he2

Hello to everyone at NTBHR.  It’s Bailey and Baxter writing from ournew home.  We miss everyone there,but must admit that we love it here. We have been going on walks everyday.  Attached are a couple of pictures of us on a walk.  As you can see, we usually walk as abrace, at least until we get to the park. Then we each get a separate leash or, if the ballfield is available,offleash.  It didn’t take long toget used to walking as a brace, although it is a bit different.  We have also been learning a few thingslike “sit” for treats and such. Our caretaker has a nice yard with a doggie door, so we get to roam thehouse and yard freely.  There havealso been a lot of belly rubbing and tail wagging going on.  It’s nice to have a place to callhome.  Thank you all for takingcare of us and we hope that all our fellow bassets can find good homes too likeus.  Take care.

Life is good.                            

   Bailey & Baxter  



To say that Dasher has completed my little family is a complete understatement.  He's brought my other hound, Diesel, back to life and has proven to be the perfect compliment to Diesel.  Dash is absolutely one of the sweetest animals I've ever met; nothing quite a like a cold nose and wet kiss when you roll over in the morning.  He's been more than receptive to training and he's finally learning how to completely trust again.  I couldn't possibly be happier with Dasher; he's a great dog.  A very big thanks is due to NTBHR for setting me up with him and making the adoption process smooth and effortless.  I've got a very good feeling that Diesel, Dasher, and I will have many, many happy days in the future.  Thanks y'all!



 honeydoo-he1   honeydoo-he2

We weren't trying to replace our darling Bassett Hound, Simka; who was our cherished pet for 15 years; we just love the breed and their hound dog ways. When I started volunteering at the county shelter, my husand, Jim said if I found a Bassett, bring her home. That was all I needed to hear and I immediately found the Bassett Rescue. We looked on line at the beautiful dogs available for adoption and were so excited!
Honey Doo came to our home and it was love at first sight!  She was shy and tiny, what a sweet adorable doggie. We have two large wonderful, neutered male dogs, one Honey accepts with no problems and the other she occasionally gives a little growl to...and he runs the other way!  She is ruling the household and we love her as much as Takota and Harley Davidson. I have an entourage now as they all follow me from room to room. Our family is complete, it's a three dog night.
Ann & Jim Duffy
Proud and loving owners of Takota, Harley and Honey


april1      aprilHE

Ah, dear Bella,                                    

Don't look so sad.  

I know it's rough,  

The life you've had.  

But, God is good  

And he sees your heart,  

And he's given you  

A brand-new start.  

So, don't you worry  

And don't you fret,  

You'll be so loved

That you'll forget.

That's how it works.

Love covers pain,

And gives you hope

To trust again.

Welcome to the family , Bella.

Now, turn that frown upside down.




Wanted to give yall an update on our WONDERFUL basset boy, Gunner!He is doing AWESOME!! 

And has become our 4yr old Bonnie's lil buddy! (or big buddy being the big boy he is :))  They have so much fun playing soccer together, playing fetch and chase! I of coarse cant help but to join in with them also, looks to fun to only watch! We got him some new squeaky toys that he absolutly loves, and bonnie gets the biggest kick out of him flingin them around, and also when he is wrestling or playing tug-o-war with my husband.  Gunner loves our 4month old baby girl and seems to be more like a big brother to her, very gentle and makin sure to check in on her during nap time.  We have been working on the command lay down with him and he has for the most part got it down, seems to be quick to learn, but does still have that typical basset stubborness when it comes to doing things in his own time, (like getting off the couch)My husband and I can't help but laugh though, especially when he gives us that look and we just know what he is thinking.  Each day that goes by we just love this hound that much more! Our family just seems complete now that Gunner has come into our lives and we can not thank NTBHR and Gunner's foster parents enough for giving him the second chance to find us!
 Miller Family


  augie_he1  augie_he2


Hi, my name is Augie.  I’ve been living in my new home for 6 weeks, and I think I’m going to be spoiled for another 15 years!  Before I tell you about me, I wanna thank my mom, Millie Grace for having me, and my foster mom, Stacy “Grace” for taking care of me during my formative weeks.  I’d also like to thank Chloe, and Clara for making my Mom and Dad love Bassets so much they had to have me.

I love my new home!  Mom and Dad changed my name to Augie, but they call me a bunch of other names too like Augustus, The Little Emperor, Augiemeister, and The “Poopinator”.  I have two brothers and a sister.  Tucker and Murray are Corgi’s.  Murray doen’t have a tail, but I don’t say anything, cause I don’t wanna hurt his feelings.  Tucker gets a little grumpy when I get in his face, but he’ll come around!
Lexi is my sister.  She kinda looks like me and is the bestest sister ever!  She plays with me, takes care of me, and shows me all sorts of bad stuff.  I love Lexi!

I have lots of toys….I love them! I love them most when someone else has them.  My favorite toy is Lexi’s ears….I love to bite them.  Food is my very favorite thing.  Mom and Dad tell me to slow down eating, and not to help my brothers and sister with their plates.  I think I like pineapple a lot….I am told it’ll help with the “poopinator” thing.

Soon I’m gonna get to go to a barn every weekend.  I think I’m excited about that, but the car ride thing concerns me. 

I can be called a lot of things, like cute, charming, daring, loving, and blessed, but if you see me on the street, you can just walk up to me, smile…..and call me Augie.

Mom & Dad’s postscript:  Thank you NTBR, for the absolute joy of having known Clara “Bean” and for giving us opportunity to raise such a fine young Basset as our Augie.



Hi, everyone!  Mike and I just wanted to update you guys on the status of beautiful Lilly (we now call her Sedona).  She is just the most perfect addition to our family.  She and Laika, our other Bassett Hound, get along great - bickering, playing, snuggling and loving like sisters should! I have attached a couple of pictures of them both.  Sedona loves her new home and we love having her as part of our family.  She is growing so fast!  Her favorite things are ice cubes , her squeaky squirrel and the special frozen peanut butter snacks they get after our walks.  She's doing great and we thank you for bringing her to us!  Thank you so much for doing what you do.  You guys are "pawfully" special.  :) 

Mike and Liz Freeman
Cedar Hill, TX


LUCKYhe1    luckyHE2


Harley (aka Lucky) is completely smitten with our daughter Scarlett. :)
She is so excited that he follows her around everywhere.  They lay on the couch together, sit in the chair together etc.. 
Sunny has adapted to him, too, he is so low key.  He lets her take things out of his mouth and you can almost see him say "oh well, there she goes again."  She is definitely the dominate one in the relationship.
We have kept to the schedule of feeding twice a day and having him "sit" when he eats.  She is getting used to the schedule too.  He is still leary about going outside at night but is getting better about that.  Has not cried once when he goes in his crate at night.
I was suprised that he would let you get right in his face and snuggle with him but like I said, he is so low key it's unbelievable !  He is really fitting in with our family. 
The other night he was asleep in the chair and my husband got on his knees and went over and cuddled him and talked to him and Harley just looked at him like "I'm so glad I'm part of this family".
Thank you so much for taking care of him until we could find him.



I wanted to tell you we love Roxie so much.  She is easy going and perfect for our family.  We actually renamed her Ruby, but it's all worked out just fine.  She and Ben get along great. We groom her every two weeks usually, she's in great health and we walk a couple times a day in the neighborhood.  Between she and Ben, I have someone on or under my heels whenever I am home.  We could not be happier.  She's learned to ring the bell when she wants to go outside and has no more accidents (knock on wood) in the house.  The only problem we have not broken is she'll chew up a small toy of Ben's from time to time, but nothing major.

Just wanted to send you an update and a picture of Ruby and Ben in his little tent we set up in his room.  She snuck in one morning and Ben thought he'd join her.

Thanks again!

Chris, Cort, Ben and Ruby


atta1   atta2

Hallo everyone at NTBHR, this be Anna the Eater (I used to be Princess Atta), woofing in to tell everybody about my new family and home.  I has two sisters , Gracie and Holly, and the three of us and our kitty-cat sister Patty be known as the Ladybugs.  In this picture is Sister Holly, then memememe Sister Anna in front, then Sister Gracie.  I is very proud to be a Ladybug , is a good thing to be.  Us Ladybugs chases squirrels, and protects the front and back yard and the neighborhood from evil things.  My Mama says I is her Official Greeter – that means I loves everybody, all the peoples and all the animals, me not care, I greets everyone who comes to our house.  If they be dogs or kitties I sniff noses and rumps and has lots of fun, and if they be peoples I asks them for pets.  I likes getting pets.  I likes pets almost as much as I likes food, and I likes food LOTS!   Wanna see a picture of me and my Grandpa?  He was visiting and I crawled up in his lap and gived him lost of snuggles and loves and then both of us goes to sleep.  I is good at snuggles and loves, too.  Gots to go now, us Ladybugs has to go bark at the Mama so she takes we out for walks, and for squirrel check.  Love and snooter kissies to everyone at NTBHR -- Anna the Eater, the Official Greeter at Our House.  

Anita Woodrum


20100122-naomi1-h 20100122-naomi2-he



(NOTE: This previously unpublished scene by the great bard William Shakespeare [1564-1616] came to light early in 2010 during a regular inventory of the Bodleian Library, the main research library of the University of Oxford in England. It was found written on a scrap of paper tucked into a book on dog breeding dating to the mid-sixteenth century, a book now believed to have been part of the Bard’s personal collection. The scene reprinted here, according to some of the world’s leading Shakespearean scholars, seems to have been the starting point for a play never completed, and thus provides an essential insight into Shakespeare’s creative process.)

(Enter NAOMI, stage center, a basset of high degree and great renown)

Forsooth, I prithee, hearken now anon.
I come before you, simple, as you see me:
A four-footed friend who frets in fits and frolics freely
Upon this fabled stage that we call Earth.
Canis Familiarus, by formal name,
But widely known and heartily heralded as the fair Naomi,
A Basset born, of high degree and great renown.
Come I now from parts unknown,
A traveler of many leagues whose feet have known the whims
And various vicissitudes of circumnavigation most expansive.
My paws have trod the myriad and countless paths
That flesh less full and sinew less supple
Would break and cleave for but the thousandth part,
Exerting strength that would fair tax the strongest heart.
But here I am, blessed and content, upon the cusp of life renewed,
A life of leisure and the million natural pleasures that my flesh is heir to.
‘Tis a consummation for which I have devoutly wished.

Of my former life, I say but little,
As shadows of the past are best forgot
Lest they do intrude again and renew the pain of errant memory,
Like wisps of smoke that do small burning embers still contain,
Flung aloft their mischief yet to cause:
Aye, and of such things are tragedies new created,
When man - or dog – doth flaunt the patience and forbearance of the gods of chance.
And so we leave the past where it can do no harm,
And move to pleasanter topics and delights,
In which I find myself in pastures new,
To frolic and delight and eat my fill
Till I be sated and can sleep apace.
If this be “A dog’s life,” as the ballads and the prophets say,
Then happily I’ll take it in great measure,
And gladly revel in the breast of hearth and newfound home
‘Til end of days, delighting in the sun and warmth and food –
Ah yes, I say, such food as mortal dog hath never known,
Delivered to me daily by handmaidens of exceptional beauty and exceeding joy
Whose merest glance doth cause my heart to swell and tail to wag
Belike the puppy I feel myself to be  –
Never again to live the life of wandering and privation
That was my lot in former times.
And so you see me as I am,
Canis Familiarus, most fortunately now Naomi,
Whose days upon the lengthy and unknowable road are happily ended.
Delivered now from days and nights of bleak uncertainty and blackest fear,
I now enjoy the blessings of a house and home most fair,
Which kindles in my breast a soaring and eternal love
That bursts upon my heart like lightning in the vaulted roof of night,
Illuminating all my heart’s desire, granted now to me by fortune’s smile.
I could not ask for more.

And now, gentles, for your kind attention, I give thanks,
And beg you bear me softly in your minds in times to come.
Now I, Naomi, bid you all adieu, my friends,
And give you blessings, as the curtain now descends.

(NAOMI exeunt, stage right)



Levi (formerly Zippy) is a delight to have in our home.  He has filled out, looks good, and is just about housebroken.  Levi is no longer afraid of everyone and everything.  He enjoys greeting friends and family, but he also has begun to claim the house as his, barking to let us know if anyone is approaching the house.  He loves to play and to run through the house carrying one of his favorite toys.  Levi is sweet, curious, comical, loving, and friendly.  He likes to snuggle and to have his belly and ears rubbed.  What a joy he is! 



20091224-he-sam1 20091224-he-sam2 

Brian and I wanted to write and let you know how Winston (Sam) is getting along in his new home. We love him! He is so spoiled we have 3 doggie beds in the house so he can snuggle up wherever he wants. His favorite is the huge pillow on the couch so we can scratch is belly while we watch a movie. He even has a bed at my mom's house so he can take a nap there. Brian says he get so tired from sleeping he has to take a nap. :) He takes a (slow) walk daily and loves Greenies treats! For a hound he's pretty quiet except when I leave, then my husband says he whines and pouts until I get home. He's learning to play chase down the hallway and when he's down jumps on the couch and rolls on his back for some love. We are looking forward to our first Christmas with him and his stocking has the gifts to prove it! Thanks for taking care of him until he found his forever home with us. We love him! Enjoy Winston in his Christmas finery.

Jamie and Brian



Just wanted to send in our official "thank you" for introducing us to Daisey.  She adapted quickly, even joining us at my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner.  What a well behaved girl!  It's hard to believe she has become such an important member of the family is so short a time.  My stepsons love getting their hugs from her and giving her belly rubs in return.
Daisey selected the loveseat in our sitting room as her giant dog bed, and is often found perched on as many cushions as she can pile into a lump.  In the morning, my husband and I are enjoying the routine of inviting her into the bed with us to get lots of attention.  Her tail could be considered a dangerous weapon, it gets to wagging so much you'd think she was going to wag it right off.
I'm including a picture of her curled up on her bed by my husband's desk.
Thanks again for the chance to have Daisey in our lives, and for everything you do for these wonderful bassets.
Ann Franks



Shelby Ann absolutely warmed up to Curley and follows him everywhere he goes. (He really likes the company.) She is getting some of her Basset-ness back and is becoming more curious when we have guests or pass people and dogs on the walking trail. She knows which one is her pillow and when it's time to go walking. We all have fallen in love with her and enjoy being a family of 4.
(She has her head on Curley's back in the picture. They often snuggle together in some arrangement like this when they're on the couch.)                          

Thanks again!


20091120-peggy2 20091120-peggy1 20091120-peggy3   20091120-peggy4

Peggy Sue is doing great.  Here are a few pictures.  One is of her and Trooper (our other dog) on the stairs looking at whatever in the front yard.  It is one of their spots.  Another is of her and Luke.  She likes to go to sleep around 8:00 at night!  Another is of her by the pool.  She always drinks out of it.  And the last one is of her in the back yard in her squirrel watching spot.  She would go after them all day long with Trooper but I don't let them out before 10:00 so they don't bother the neighbors with their barking!  Thanks again!!!



20091106-snickers1   20091106-snickers3


Just a quick note to let you know that Snickers has immediately become a cherished member of our family. She is, at the moment, sleeping on my feet under my desk in my office at home. When she’s not here, she can be found snoring on the couch, in one of the many dog beds throughout the house, or outside, basking in our yard with our other basset Franklin and our Chihuahua Olive. Snickers is eating like a champ, enjoying the occasional treat, hasn’t had any accidents at all in the house, and has been a great influence on our Chihuahua puppy Olive—who also hasn’t had an indoor accident since Snickers arrived. They are all fast friends and spend hours playing and romping! Franklin, our 12 year old basset hound, even rests his head on her Snicker’s butt—which is a sign of endearment from him! My 3 teenage kids, my husband and I are deeply in love with this beautiful, gentle little hound, who loves to snuggle up close and then have her belly rubbed. I can’t imagine how she found her way into the rescue, but I’m happy to have found her!

Alisa and Joel Baum  


 20091106-jd1   20091106-jd2  20091106-jd3


Jim Dandy, or J.D. as we like to call him, is the happiest boy in the neighborhood. Not long after moving in with his adopted sister, Penelope (also a basset), and his new mommy, Monica (human), he discovered his new best friend and daddy, Greg (human). He loves his whole family, but his daddy really is the apple of his eye. He follows Greg everywhere and is a sweet and good natured boy who is always happy and wagging his tail.
J.D. loves to walk around the neighborhood, playing with the kids, sniffing around the nearby cow pasture, and going to the dog park. He also likes to steal half-chewed bones from Penelope and buries them in not-so-strategic spots around the yard. But more than anything, little J.D. loves to be loved. He whimpers from excitement, and his little brown eyes glaze with contentment, proving that he truly has the sweetest and gentlest disposition of anyone in the family. Welcome home, J.D., we’re so glad you’re part of our family now!

Monica and Greg Prochnow


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There just aren’t the words to describe how happy we are and how much we love Anna. We adopted Anna from NTBHR on January 1, 2009.  Anna just fit right into our lives like she had been there for years.  She gets along well with our son, Nate, and is just as patient as can be with his four-year-old boy antics. 
Anna seems to be especially attached to me, her new “mom”, as she follows me practica   lly everywhere I go around the house at times.  She is quick to greet all of the family members when they come in the door, and waits patiently for them to return her greeting.  She loves our daily walks – and goes on longer and longer ones with me as we both work to keep our shapes as we age.  :-)
This past July, we took our family vacation at Surfside Beach, Texas.  We decided to have our family portraits taken there, and couldn’t do that without our Anna!  We had no idea what a great traveling companion and super beach dog she would be.  She hung out on the beach with us as we played in the sand and surf, and took lon g walks with us in the   evenings as we enjoyed the ocean sights, sounds, and smells.  She even proved to be quite the sand crab hunter!  It was a great vacation, and even more special because she was with us.  Included with this note are some of the photos the photographer took of our family.  As you can see, Anna fits right in. 

We cannot thank Carrie enough for fostering Anna and having the biggest heart to let her go to be adopted and live with us.  It was a sacrifice, and one we will never forget. 

We look forward to many more years as a complete family, now that Anna has joined us.   


Anna’s Mom

The Family 

Michael, Sandra, Nate, and Anna


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Thought you might like to see how Dixie is accepting her new home.  She has taken over everything.  She's just so lovable and anyone who sees her agrees.  Eddie has given her some his space but still gets a bit testy.  Between the two of them Dixie is the loudest and has the biggest and deepest howl.

The one thing that scares Dixie is loud noise from thunder storms and fireworks. She tucks her tail and runs for help.  She shutters and her teeth chatter it's cute but hold her and love her so she knows everything will be ok.  
Other than the small bumps in the road she is so happy and content here.
Pam & Dave